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Here’s an idea…: Communicating human rights creatively!

Thu, 18 October 2018#HumanRightsMatter

“You may have noticed us; we were the ones dressed a bit differently,” said YouTuber Nadir Nahdi, on stage at the Fundamental Rights Forum in September.

He was referring to his fellow Ideathon participants at the Forum: a talented group of creatives that spent three days discussing how we talk about human rights. And, most importantly, new ways of communicating about human rights.

Watch the Ideathon video - Impressions from the Fundamental Rights Forum:

Run by @Cartoonralph and the Public Interest Research Centre, the Ideathon featured a session from  Cinema Human Rights and Advocacy.

Together they discussed what is needed to tell better human rights stories. Some of their ideas included:

  1. Don't just talk about it, do it - committing to being authentic and giving people a voice is meaningless unless we actually do it. We need to actively seek out and give provide platforms for those most impacted.
  2. Build better frames - don't be on the back foot and keep telling stories in ways that don’t help. Instead we need to be on the front foot and be positive.
  3. Be brave - artists can be disruptive and challenge the traditional way of doing things. We need to take more risks if we really want to break bad communication habits.
  4. Give people hope - we need to highlight problems and struggles. But we also need to offer solutions. We need to show people that change has happened, celebrate it and make people feel part of it.

These nicely mirror some of FRA’s 10 keys to effectively communicate human rights, also launched at the Forum.

So what ideas did the Ideathon come up with? Time to hear from the participants...


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