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What will you do for human rights in 2021?

nito ©, 2021

nito ©, 2021

The Fundamental Rights Forum is your opportunity to connect, reflect and act on the most pressing challenges we face today. So, get involved!

Ask yourself, what will you do for human rights?

If you have the drive to be a catalyst for good, you want to engage with fellow human rights defenders, or you have an inspiring story to tell, then we want you to host a session at the Forum.

Participants at the previous Forum were inspired to find new ways of working and adopt new tactics to improve their fight for human rights.

Colombe Cahen-Salvador of Volt Europa said: “We were lucky enough to be able to run a session at the forum and got really good, concrete input from participants.

“It was super useful. We will use in the movement in the future … to enable more citizen participation in the European Union.”

The Forum is no simple talking shop: It delivers practical solutions that can be applied in the field of human rights.

Social activist Ali Can summed it up, saying: “Theory is not enough. We must search for solutions and practice.”

If you are looking for new ideas and inspiration to make your work more impactful, then the Fundamental Rights Forum is for you. It is also your chance to share best practice with others.

Key takeaways from the 2018 Forum included the way we tell human rights stories. The way we talk and the language we use is critical to win hearts and minds.

Thomas Coombes, founder of Hope-Based Communications, said: “I hope to make people care about human rights, by talking about it in a way that everyone can understand.”

Documentary director Els van Driel added: “We are all here to tell the same story, it should be positive and really constructive.”

And Gianluca Esposito of the Council of Europe said: “We should start talking to people who disagree with us, people that don't share the same views.

“Debate, question them, and us about some of the propositions we have because that is the best way to advance the agenda of human rights in Europe.”

As MEP Cécile Kyenge said: “Human rights must be protected more than ever today…not only must they be respected but also better communicated.”

What you can do to protect and further human rights is take an active part in this year’s Fundamental Rights Forum.

You can organise a session and share your knowledge and expertise with others.

So, submit your session proposal today – and start making a difference.

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