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We are building a vision of hope
with #RightsForum21


Voglhuber, 2018

Uniting rights defenders

The Fundamental Rights Forum is the space for dialogue on human rights challenges facing the EU today.

Human rights take centre stage as we build a vision of hope in the ‘new normal’.

The Forum gives a platform for a diverse range of voices. It unites politics, business, trade unions, civil society, the arts and sports.

Together, they will deliver answers to questions shaping the critical human rights agenda.

How can we rebuild hope?

Threats to our fundamental rights existed before the coronavirus pandemic changed the world.

Now they're more visible and pressing than ever before. Today, we have a new perspective on how our societies function.

Many rights and freedoms we take for granted were suspended. And governments had to balance others against the right to life.

These changes and other long-standing issues have a disproportionate effect on certain groups in society.

How do we address equality and sustainability in our growth and development models? How do we ensure social rights help realise our human rights?

We need to rethink our responses. Imagine the future Europe we want by engaging human rights to deal with these challenges.

The Forum is a chance to stress that human rights matter. Valuing those rights in a smart way will help rebuild trust. And work together towards a Europe that cares for its people.

We need to transition towards a ‘new normal’ based on human rights. Europe building on its accomplishments and fundamental values is stronger and more resilient.

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